Create your wallet easily

Create an anonymous wallet with a mnemonic key or use CNX Connect to access your private wallet.

  • Mnemonic Key

    The mnemonic key is the way to create an anonymous CNX Wallet

  • Send FIAT

    Keep control over your own private key

  • CNX Connect

    Login with your CNX Connect account

  • Safety

    High security makes it possible to keep your assets safe

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Convert crypto in FIAT

Convert crypto currencies into FIAT instantly in WalletX.
This feature is currently in BETA testing.

  • 1

    Create your wallet

    Create your WalletX easily using our secure wallet app

  • 2

    Choose login method

    Create your wallet by using a mnemonic key or create one with your CNX Connect account

  • 3

    Receive crypto

    Send and receive crypto from other wallets, exchanges and more

  • Debit card

    Easily convert your crypto to FIAT payments with your CNX debit card

Your CNX VISA Card

Convert crypto into FIAT money easily

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Create your wallet easily

WalletX allows users to create an anonymous wallet or one connected via CNX Connect.

  • Send crypto

    Send crypto worldwide with just one click.

  • Private Key

    Keep control over your own private key

  • Receive crypto

    Send invoices to collect assets from third parties.

  • Create your wallet now

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Send invoices
to anyone

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